Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Center

About Us

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Center is a news organization dedicated to exploring contemporary sightings of aircraft and related phenomena that defy explanation within the parameters of current knowledge and technology. UAPC is intellectually neutral and does not advocate for any position related to the possible presence of exogenous entities on earth. Rather, the organization seeks to provide a context for considering the issue while also acting as a central resource on relevant information.

Our Mission

Comprehensive, Unbiased information

UAP News is positioned to establish and engage a significant audience of individuals interested in an increasingly popular phenomena: repeated, high-credibility sightings of aerial phenomena that defy explanation. UAP News is focused on aggregating news from a broad range of sources, analyzing existing evidence of sightings, developing original reporting, authoring analyses and conducting informative interviews with experts within the UAP arena, from physics and military experts to authorities in psychology, religion and culture. UAP News will produce original videos, as well as podcasts and panel events. Our personnel regularly interact with leading national and international media and have deep experience conducting interviews on cable and broadcast news, radio programs and print media.

In the past year, there has been an extraordinary uptick in the number of people who have become aware of, and who are following, the UAP phenomena.  Continued credible sightings will expand and activate this audience, which has an interest in the most reliable, balanced and scientific information possible given the circumstances of the subject. UAP News’ original, independent journalism, as well as a growing resource center, will stand as a trusted platform.

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UAPC is acknowledged as an independent, science-driven news source that applies rigorous standards to all aspects of our work. Our reporting and commentary on news related to unidentified aerial phenomena (formerly referred to as unidentified flying objects) is intended for a broad audience that is ideal to advertisers and sponsors.

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