Pentagon Report: No Proof Of Aliens, But It’s Not Us

 Pentagon Report: No Proof Of Aliens, But It’s Not Us

The New York Times is the first to break news on the much-anticipated Pentagon UAP report, publishing a story based on interviews with officials who have seen the draft of the classified report.

Two takeaways: there is no evidence that the UAP sightings are alien craft, but the sightings are not related to technology developed by the United States.

The upcoming report is said to have very few firm conclusions, and officials said that the U.S. could not rule out the possibility that the phenomena might be alien spacecraft.

“Intelligence officials believe at least some of the aerial phenomena could be experimental technology from a rival power, most likely Russia or China,” the NY Times reports.

The report also admits that there are several elements to the sightings that can’t be explained, including the craft’s acceleration, ability to change direction rapidly and their ability to submerge.

One interesting item is the mention of a video of the 2004 Nimitz “Tic Tac” encounter with David Fravor.

NY Times:

“Officials briefed on the report said it also examined video that shows a whitish oval object described as a giant Tic Tac, about the size of a commercial plane, encountered by two Navy fighter jets off the coast of San Diego in 2004.

“The report studies that incident, including the video that accompanied the interaction. The provenance of the object is still unknown, the officials said.”



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