Search Expands for Life Beyond Earth

 Search Expands for Life Beyond Earth

The Wall Street Journal has published a story that explores the expanding effort to search for life beyond earth. The piece also discusses the increasing respectability of the effort within the world of astronomy and planetary exploration.

Numerous research teams are searching for the signatures of early life in our solar system, focusing on the clouds of Venus, with plans to visit Europa and the methane lakes of Titan. The expanded search comes as the search for alien civilizations within the universe is becoming more acceptable, and also as the discussion of UAP on earth is becoming more mainstream.

The piece notes that NASA is re-engaging with efforts to seek signs of advanced civilizations beyond earth, and it also suggests that advances in technology may soon help scientists find evidence of life, if it exists.

NASA’s 2024 mission to Jupiter’s moon, Europa, will seek to determine if there is life in the moon’s frozen oceans (this, of course, is the plot of the 2013 Sebastián Cordero movie, Europa Report, and here’s hoping things goes better in real life). NASA’s 2027 mission to Saturn’s moon, Titan, will explore its lakes of liquid methane. At the same time, scientists are searching for extraterrestrial radio signals from deep space. 

While we often hear that earth is in the Goldilocks zone, some researchers have suggested that earth may not, in fact, be the best place for life, citing numerous planets orbiting a star 100 light years away that may present conditions highly suitable to life.


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