UFOs Higher Dimensional / Plasma-Based Beings in our 3D World?

 UFOs Higher Dimensional / Plasma-Based Beings in our 3D World?

Dossey Richards III articulates a notable perspective on the UFO discussion in a recent Reddit post.  Specifically, he says that UFOs are “earth bound, inter-dimensional, biological phenomena.” Which is to say, UAP are not interstellar visitors. Rather, they have always lived on earth in a higher dimension.

Dossey notes that there are thousands upon thousands of UFO sightings annually, and many hundreds of credible government accounts. However, there is not corresponding evidence of UFOs in space. “The evidence points to UFO’s being real but not extraterrestrial,” he says.

“UFO’s are likely ‘earth’ bound, inter-dimensional, sentient beings who may or may not have a relationship with humans,” Dossey says.

Dossey highlights the distinction between higher spatial dimensions and parallel universes. If there are higher dimensional beings — four dimensions, for example — we could only experience three dimensions of those beings in our world. It would be the equivalent of a three-dimensional sphere interacting in a two dimensional world. Beings in a two dimensional world would only be able to experience a sphere as a flat, circular slice of that sphere. It would be impossible for them to imagine or experience a three-dimensional object. Dossey is suggesting that higher dimensional beings are coming in and out of our dimensional environment and that we are experiencing them as three dimensional.

Dossey also notes that UFOs often appear as fast-moving balls of light rather than as saucers or craft. This leads him to believe that the beings are likely plasma based.

The model on which Dossey bases his theory is the electric universe model, or “plasma cosmology,” which suggests that the universe’s forces and elements are actually “created and guided by the organizing properties of plasma as opposed to gravity as we understand” in the Newtonian model.

Swedish electrical engineer Hannes Alfvén developed the plasma model and won a Nobel prize for applied research in 1970. In plasma cosmology, according to Wikipedia, “the universe is made up of equal amounts of matter and antimatter with the boundaries between the regions of matter and antimatter being delineated by cosmic electromagnetic fields formed by double layers, thin regions comprising two parallel layers with opposite electrical charge. Interaction between these boundary regions would generate radiation, and this would form the plasma.”

Dossey is not clear on this point, but he seems to be suggesting that the UFOs seen in our dimension are made from plasma.

His post is here.





  • Sounds similar to ball lightning, perhaps?


  • Yes they live here also. I know where some live, but they are not
    limited to any specific area.

    Many of their landings are not investigated for Objects of Interest. I
    know at least 3 events that have not been investigated by MUFON or
    other organizations.

    @alienrelay has some actual images, not modified and no Ps.

    I have more images, about 137 and I will add a few more tonight.

    Look at @alienrelay if you want to see more raw images let me know.

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