Bartiromo, Rubio UAP Fox News Interview

 Bartiromo, Rubio UAP Fox News Interview

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo follows her viral, news-making interview with former DNI head John Ratcliffe by interviewing U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) on the subject of UAP.

Rubio sticks to his main talking points on the issue — this is not about aliens; this is about national security — but he further stresses his position that the UAP are a real phenomenon, that they are not U.S. technology and that we simply do not have answers on their origin. He also highlights the counterproductive stigma associated with the subject.

“We have things flying over military installations, over military exercises and other places and we don’t know what it is. It isn’t ours. It isn’t anything that’s registered to the FAA and in many cases exhibits attributes of things we’ve never seen, the kinds of technology we haven’t seen before or at least that’s what it seems like. I think you have to know what it is and we have to try to know what it is. The problem with this issue is every time you raise it, people get all, ‘Does this mean UFOs and aliens and extraterrestrials?’ We don’t have to go that far. It’s very simple. There are things flying over national security installations. We don’t know who they are. We don’t know what it is. It isn’t ours. We need to find out.”

The interview continues a spate of media coverage on the issue.


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