Mick West Interviews Luis Elizondo

 Mick West Interviews Luis Elizondo

In a new video, noted UFO/UAP skeptic Mick West interviews Luis Elizondo on his role as director of the Department of Defense’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, and on his time at To The Stars Academy.  The two discuss the release of the now-famous Navy encounter videos and Elizondo’s role in their release, with West digging into the classification status of the videos. West probes Elizondo on whether the videos were cleared for broad distribution, as Elizondo says, or only for research and analysis. 

Elizondo, who always goes out of his way to say that he cannot discuss classified information, obliquely indicates in the conversation that the portions of the video that are public are not the complete videos. West then asks about the full content of the videos, but Elizondo declines to address this issue directly.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the interview is Elizondo’s discussion of the corroborating data from radar and other sources that help to confirm the videos and contribute to a greater understanding of the sightings. While the existence of the radar is in no way news, as described by Elizondo it paints a picture of a greater analysis of the encounters and teases that there is much more information that is unknown to the public.

West is a cordial interviewer and Elizondo engages with him in an open, amiable and forthcoming way. The interview is an interesting piece of content even if it doesn’t cover a lot of new ground.

However, when West moves on to his theories debunking the videos, the conversation loses its power. West seems to be bending over backward to disprove the videos and his theories don’t seem that convincing. Specifically, West presents iffy theories on ways the videos could be misunderstood, but he does not address the highly credible accounts by eyewitnesses, such as Commander David Fravor, and radar operators, such as Kevin Day. Suggesting that the FLIR captured the exhaust of another jet and was misunderstood by all parties seems absurd given the reported context of the sighting and the corroborating information from multiple other sources.  In this interview, West seems stuck on a particular perspective while Elizondo seems more open-minded.

Elizondo ends the video saying that he is not trying to convince anyone to believe in alien visitors. It is his goal to prompt the government to action on what could be a threat. 

West has gained significant stature as top skeptic on this issue, but if this was a boxing match Elizondo won convincingly after 12 rounds.


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