U.S. Senator Marco Rubio on UAPs Near Military Bases

United States Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) appeared in a Mystery Wire interview on the UAP Task Force and the effort to find more information on the presence of UAPs near U.S. military installations. When asked by interviewer Kellie Meyer how he became focused on the issue, Rubio said: “It has to do with a very simple fact. And that is that there are things flying over our military installations and the military doesn’t know what they are. And so, any time you have things flying over a military installation and you don’t know what they are that immediately raises issues of counterintelligence, and that immediately raises issues of national security. And so, my view of it is that we have something that we need to know the answer to. The American public deserves to know as much as possible about it, and we shouldn’t allow the stigma associated with term “UFO” to keep us from trying to answer that question. … I don’t know what they are, and that’s the problem – they [military leaders] don’t either.”

When asked if it is possible that the UAPs are related to classified, advanced U.S. military programs, Rubio said: “Well, I would say that if that was the case then we probably wouldn’t be talking about it in the way that we are now since we would know the answer to the question.”


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