British UFO Research Association

In 2012, BUFORA held its 50th Annual Conference (credit BUFORA)

The British UFO Research Association, formed in Kensington, London, in 1962, is a research organization that seeks to scientifically analyze UFO phenomena with no biases or belief systems. The organization standardized and codified UFO investigative procedures to prioritize UFO witnesses. It compiles data and produces studies, including its Amnamnesis project and Vehicle Interference Reports. In 1962, the organization launched the BUFORA Journal, which published under various titles until 2005, when the organization created one central repository of resources on its website. The BUFORA website offers articles, research, UFO reports, photographic analyses, book reviews, investigative training courses and video / audio recordings. BUFORA has conducted numerous conferences and symposia, and consistently provides insight to news organizations, documentaries and researchers. 


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