2014 Chilean Navy UAP Video

A 2014 UAP sighting in Chile was captured on infrared video by a Chilean Navy helicopter pilot. In the video, the craft, which appears similar to craft in other UAP sightings, twice discharges a trail of chemicals into the air. (As this video records heat signals, black elements are hotter than the surrounding atmosphere.) The November 11, 2014, video, was released by the Chilean government in 2017, and confirmed as official, though unexplained.

“The incident remains open as we cannot be absolutely certain of its nature, contrary to other incidents whose nature has been proved,” said Jose Patricio Lay Lagos, acting director of the Chilean version of the FAA, which is part of the Air Force.

The helicopter, which was equipped with an infrared FLIR high-definition camera (similar to that used to capture the UAP in the USS Nimitz sighting), was flying along the coast between San Antonio and Quinteros, when the camera operator spotted the UAP moving forward with the helicopter at a constant speed. The sighting, which continued for some 10 minutes and which did not show up on air traffic control radar, was confirmed by the pilot and camera operator.


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