Ben Mezrich, Why I Believe in UFOs: Ted Talk

TEDxBeaconStreet: Why I believe in UFOs, and you should too… featuring Ben Mezrich.

Ben Mezrich, a best-selling narrative non-fiction writer who has had several books developed into the movies, including 21 and The Social Network, describes the reasoning behind his belief that UFOs / UAPs are real and that they should be studied with greater scientific rigor. Mezrich explains that he was introduced to the UFO phenomenon through Chuck Zukowski, a Colorado deputy who became a UFO hunter after investigating cattle mutilations. Zukowski determined that the majority of UFO sightings occur along the 37th parallel, which is also where many government installations and bases are located. The talk touches on Roswell, Robert Bigelow and his investigations into UAP sightings, the Catholic Church’s recent note saying alien confirmation would not change its doctrine, and the stigma related to the entire topic of UFOs.

Video here.



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