The Capacity of Religions to Contextualize the Possibility of Life Beyond Earth

Astrosociology and the Capacity of Major World Religions to Contextualize the Possibility of Life Beyond Earth (E.M. McAdamis) addresses the potential for religious engagement on astrobiological issues. Efforts to explore the religious implications of the possibility of life beyond Earth has largely focused on Christian theology. McAdamis’s paper broadens the scope to include the overall religious landscape, focusing on the world’s 19 largest religious groups with outreach to religious leaders and other resources. The paper highlights the ability of religion to act “as a mutually beneficial partner with science in helping to contextualize astrobiological issues in diverse societies across the world. … This paper shows that while there is reason to believe that most of Christendom would be amenable to astrobiological evidence, the larger religious landscape of the world seems to be philosophically constituted to not merely survive astrobiological pursuits, but to be explicitly compatible with, or even validated by, evidence of the universe harboring life beyond Earth.”

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