UAP Sighted by Hundreds in Oahu, Hawaii

 UAP Sighted by Hundreds in Oahu, Hawaii

On Tuesday, December 29, 2020, at 8:30 pm, an unidentified aerial phenomena was sighted over Leeward, Oahu, Hawaii, by hundreds of witness who reportedly dialed 911 to report the incident. Witnesses, many of whom record the lights in the sky on cellphones, reported a large glowing blue object that hovered for many minutes before plunging into the ocean, causing them to call the Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA stated that there was no aircraft within that area that would coincide with reports. The incident, which follows a series of sightings of unexplained craft that can travel in the air and under water, stands out as one of the largest mass sightings ever.  Unlike highly credible and documented U.S. Navy sightings, the video captured by witnesses is difficult to analyze or categorize.

Media reported that FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor stated that the agency received a police report of a possible downed plane, and reiterated that there were no planes on area radar.

According to Hawaii News Now, a witness named Moriah saw the light over Princess Kahanu Estates.

The witness said: “I look up and then I was like oh s***!” I started calling my husband and them because they were all in the garage. I was like hey. Come look up there. See if you see what I see. They all said yea!”

The incident follows the release of a picture of a UAP, or unidentified flying object (UFO), as reported in The Debrief. The DeBrief reported two classified reports on UAP that included the picture. The picture, of an unidentified triangular aircraft with rounded edges and three spherical lights, was taken in 2019 by a F/A-18 fighter pilot. 


Hawaii News Now link.


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