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Are Aliens Living on Earth Now?

One surprising aspect of the recent documentary, The Phenomenon, is director James Fox’s decision not to explore the intriguing question: Should we conclude that the recently sighted aliens -- assuming the sightings are real -- are currently living on earth? To be fair, The Phenomenon is focused on the larger issue of whether or not alien sightings are legitimate. However, after considering the numerous credible accounts of alien craft sightings, one soon questions whether we are to assume that the aliens are multidimensional, popping into and out of our reality, whether they are based in space, entering our atmosphere periodically,

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How Stocks Might React to an Alien Confirmation

Among the many impacts of possible Alien contact, or the confirmation of Alien presence on earth, is an initial, temporary panic. One can imagine grocery stores experiencing shelf-stripping panic shopping, wide-spread gun sales and a broad-based disruption to daily life in the near-term. Residents of cities might decamp to more rural locations as they did during the COVID crisis. The financial markets also would likely endure dramatic volatility.  The actual outcomes would depend on whether the aliens were hostile, or thought to be hostile (many would probably worry that hostility is unavoidable regardless of what governments or aliens say), or

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Psychological Impact of Confirmed Alien Presence

The confirmed presence of aliens on earth, or actual extraterrestrial contact, would impact religion, science, technology, politics and world order. Most notably, it would have a direct and powerful effect on individuals’ sense of self and well-being. Of course, the power of this impact would depend on the type of contact, or confirmation, its immediacy and whether or not it directly impacts our way of life. In fact, there is such a wide range of possible contact – confirmed sighting, sighting with communication, actual contact or physical interaction – that it is difficult to speculate with any precision on the

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